All fees are per child and commensurate with the level of care provided. Fees are non-negotiable and payable monthly in advance.

You are welcome to pay by bank transfer or childcare voucher schemes. I do not accept cash or cheques. 

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Hourly fee and what's included

Fees start from just £5.50 per hour [or part of] in quarters for full time care of 25 hours per week or more.  

A minimum of 8 hours care per day is required unless children are only attending before and after school when a minimum fee of £16.50 per day for a maximum of 3 hours care is applicable.

Full fees are due should your child not attend my setting, when open, on a contracted day.

All fresh, home cooked meals, snacks, drinks, outings and craft are included within the rate.

Please provide your own nappies and formula milk.

Great Ashby Childminder Stevenage Childminder
Free early education entitlement

You are able to access your child's entitlement of up to 30 hours free early education by using my setting. 

This is normally available to children from the term after their third birthday however, some two year old children can benefit from the scheme. More details and information on eligibility can be found here.

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Childcare vouchers and child tax credits

Childcare vouchers are a Government scheme designed to help parents afford high quality childcare. I am already registered with many companies offering this facility and you are welcome to settle your fee in whole or part by this method. More details about voucher schemes and possible entitlement to Child Tax Credits can be found here. My setting has already signed up to the government's new Tax Free Childcare Scheme.

Great Ashby Childminder Stevenage Childminder
Availability and holiday

My setting operates 52 weeks a year however, I take 4 weeks / 20 days holiday per year chargeable [pro-rata] at half the normal fee should they fall on a contracted day of care. Bank Holidays are chargeable at the normal fee should they fall on a contracted day of care. [Holiday pay not applicable to term time only contracts]

I notify parents of my holiday arrangements for the whole of the following year each November or December.

No fee is charged for any additional or occasional days I may then need to take, and as much notice as possible is provided.